Learn, Grow, & Serve

Our current Preschool program serves children 2K - 4K, our Elementary program serves children K5 - 5th grade, and the Middle School program serves grades 6th-8th.

We believe that each child, having been created in the image of God, has received from Him the gift of learning. Our role is to nurture this gift to ensure the achievement of academic excellence by all students and to lovingly cultivate their talents and abilities. We believe every child has the capacity to learn, grow, and serve.
At The Academy, we believe that what happens in the classroom should be creative, interesting, and hands-on. The learning process includes curiosity, exploration, discovery, imagination, comprehension, critical thinking, and application. All of these processes are vital to educational success.

Following Jesus' Example

Jesus' example of telling stories and parables serves as an example of how we should teach.

We believe that our lives speak louder than  words. Academy teachers are a living curriculum within each of their classrooms, serving as role models for Christian living and thinking. Teachers are selected based on their testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ, as well as their educational credentials and experience. They will integrate scripture and spiritual principles into every facet of our educational program. Prayers and devotions are a fundamental part of each day.

Our Christian School's Programs

We believe in providing a program that will create a child who can thrive and succeed in today's society. First Presbyterian Academy believes this is best achieved through providing an academically challenging program that integrates faith into all parts of the educational environment allowing the student to create a Christian worldview while creating a strong educational foundation. Our learning environment is designed to develop the whole child by creating learning opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially and spiritually.

As children begin their academic career, they need to continue to feel safe and secure about their school environment as well as excited and curious about learning. We believe that it is important for each child to understand and respect his/her own self-worth. A child who is comfortable with him/herself can proceed with any experience. We want our children to see the gifts God has given them and work to develop those talents.

Smaller Classroom Ratio

We believe our smaller classrooms with teachers providing a Christian example best helps us accomplish our goals. This allows the children to receive one on one attention as they move through each academic stage. Our technology rich classrooms along with exposure to the arts and Spanish, creates even more opportunities to challenge and enrich each child's education. First Presbyterian Academy strives to create students who are ready to be leaders with a servant's heart.

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