General SCHOOL Info

Parent Partners

Parents are partners in the educational process and are welcome at The Academy. We understand that the parent knows the child better than the teacher, and teachers manySterling & India times need information to unlock the mind or heart of the student. For this reason, we like to work closely with all parents.

The Academy strives to maintain a cooperative spirit of giving and receiving information through appropriate channels of communication. Our teachers are available for conferences and questions about academic performance and classroom behavior. An administrator is available to help resolve issues that are beyond the scope and responsibility of the teacher. We refer to Mathew 18 as our Biblical model of communication and conflict resolution.

Admin Staff

Tom Roe, School HeadmasterTom Roe
Head of School
Sharon Smith, Asst Headmaster
Sharon Smith
Assistant Head of School
Claudette Oliver, FPC Academy School
Claudette Oliver
Administrative Assistant

School Communication

We communicate with parents through report cards (sent home each 9 weeks), parent/teacher conferences, our school newsletters, Friday Folders (each weeks assignments are sent home along with additional communication), PTO meetings/mailings, Academy mailings, classroom visits, and telephone and email communication. Please use the links to the right to learn more, and check back, as we will be frequently updating our site!