Academic Center

The Academic Center promotes opportunities for Elementary and Middle School students in academic coaching, curriculum tutorial, cognitive skills enhancement, reading intervention, and enrichment for children with language-based difficulties. 


The mission of The Academic Center is to support the Vision and Core Values of The Academy and to embrace the individual learning styles of the student while empowering them to become successful lifelong learners.


The Academic Center offers:

  • Evaluations of students to identify learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Individual educational planning
  • One-on-one and small group sessions
  • Academic enhancements for the advanced student, beginning learner, and learner with identified weaknesses. 
  • Academic Coaching to assist students in the development of Executive Function Skills; proper time management, organizational skills, study skills, and self-advocacy skills
  • Curriculum Enhancement to continue education in core content areas, specifically Shurley English and Mathematics, offering next-level challenges; along with interdisciplinary/cross-curricular instructions
  • Study Skills Instructions for grade fourth through eighth; focus on style of learning and incorporate to style of studying for effective and productive results in and out of the classroom
  • Communication with parents and teachers
  • Keyboarding Instruction – individually paced with progress tracking
  • Professionally trained instructor

 Academic Center Coordinator

Our Academic Center Coordinator, Monique Jensen, is a devoted and passionate professional and student advocate, dedicated to promoting the full potential and success of each student. Monique has been with The Academy for seventeen years, serving students from K2 through 8th grade. In 2013 Monique assisted with the opening of The Academic Center, providing services to eligible Elementary students. She has been advantageous in the daily function of operations in The Academic Center as well as communicating and coordinating efforts with Administration, faculty and families, and supporting the philosophy and the rigorous academics of The Academy.

Please contact Monique Jensen to schedule an appointment to evaluate how The Academic Center may best meet your child's needs.