Summer Reading

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy great books with your children! The secret to helping your child grow as a reader is to create a fun or special atmosphere around reading. Helping your child become excited about stories will spark their imagination and enhance reading skills.

There are many facets to being a successful reader. As you enjoy stories, talk to your child about the story to deepen their reading comprehension skills. Take time to study beautiful illustrations. Ask your child "why" and "how" questions about the characters and events as you enjoy the book. Remember, it is not necessary to find books that are a reading challenge to help your child grow. When children read books that are easy for them; they build fluency, inflection, and confidence. It also allows them to relax and enjoy the story. Children are just like us in the summer - they like a fun and easy read!!

Recommended Reading

We have attached a list of books that the teachers recommend for your child over the summer. There are also many other excellent children's books available through the public library and book stores. The librarians in the children's section of the public library are an excellent resource. They know all the latest books, and they can recommend appropriate books for both guided and independent reading. A good rule for selecting a book to read independently is the "5 Finger Rule". Have your child read the first page and if there are 5 or more words that are too hard or they don't know - the book is too hard to enjoy independently.