Christian Principles

“We strive to teach our children Christian principles daily and feel the public school agenda would undermine us at every turn. We expect FPA to work with us in raising our children as followers of Christ with strong moral character, ethics, and strong family values. There is also a small class size,so our children get their special needs met when it comes to their education.”

The Academy Curriculum & School Teachers

“We chose The Academy for our three children for many reasons. First, we feel the curriculum offered at FPA is exceptional. The teachers are wonderful and they are able to offer challenge work when needed within the curriculum. Second, we feel that a Christian education is very important to help raise our boys into gentlemen. The Academy's teachers and administration offer a wonderful model for our boys to grow and learn God's word. Our boys have excelled here and will continue to do so for many years.”

Loving Environment

“It is incredible to me that The Academy and First Presbyterian have stepped up to become a second family for my child. It is such a loving, nourishing, Christian environment, and I don't have to ever worry about him while he is at school. Thank you to everyone at The Academy for enriching not just my child’s education but for enveloping him and his family into such a supportive, loving environment.”

Christian Education

“We have two children at The Academy. They are different from each other, and they have both been nourished by the school in different ways that meet their unique needs. It has been powerful to me as a mother to watch my boys grow in their faith at The Academy. It is giving my boys more than what I thought of as a “Christian Education.” I have seen them starting to use the biblical knowledge they are being taught to effect the decisions they are making in their lives, and I know it is because of teachers partnering with me in developing my child’s faith.”

K5 Program

“From the first night at Open House (our son’s teachers began to put an emotional, reluctant-to-let-go mother at ease. My son who used to cling to me was made so comfortable during the short time of Open House that on his first full day he was able to bound right out of the car without a second glance. I have not for one second doubted that he feels very secure, confident, and loved in that class....On top of that is the education they have given him. He has learned so much this year....When I tell parents of children at our church who attend public K-5 of the Science experiments he is doing and of the studies they are doing around the world, they are so impressed. Few, if any, K-5 classes I know of are learning the layers of the Rainforest or learning about a hypothesis and performing science experiments. The best part is they make it fun....In conclusion, we have been so pleased with our choice to send (our son) to the Academy. So much so that our daughter will attend preschool here next year rather than at our church.”